• GCA Membership Benefits
  • GCA Membership Benefits Overview

  • As a member of the General Contractors Association of Hawaii (GCA), you receive a wide range of benefits and opportunities. For questions, please contact Gladys Hagemann at gladys@gcahawaii.org or 808-833-1681, ext 12.

  • Bidding website & information

    The GCA website offers a convenient portal exclusively to GCA members to review various projects across the State. We review multiple sources and consolidate the information into our website to save you time so that you can focus on building your business.

    Visit the GCA Member Bidding Info webpage:  https://gcahawaii.net/cgi/

    Not a GCA Member? Sign up today: https://www.gcahawaii.org/member/newmemberapp


    Offering health insurance to your employees who work 19 hours a week or more is required by Hawaii State law. Premiums can be costly and add to your labor costs. The GCA of Hawaii negotiates plan benefits and premiums with the Hawaii’s largest health benefits provider, the Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA), on behalf of all of our members so that you can have affordable rates.

    To find out more about the GCA’s Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement (MEWA) health plan, visit: https://www.gcamewa.com/

  • Education & Training

    The GCA of Hawaii, in collaboration with various partners, offers a variety of trainings, classes, and seminars, free or at a discounted rate to GCA members! Many of these are for certification required by our industry, including Construction Quality Management for Contractors (CQM), Site Safety Health Officer (SSHO), and First Aid/CPR.

    To view and register for upcoming sessions, visit the GCA events calendar: https://www.gcahawaii.org/events/ 

  • Advocacy at the State Legislature

    The GCA of Hawaii is the voice of the industry. We have a solid committee that focuses on issues that affect our construction industry. The GCA also has an in-house lobbyist, representing our industry in state and county government at the state and county levels, including the legislature and county councils, to address legislative regulatory, judicial and policy issues.

  • GCA Temporary Disability Insurance Program

    The Hawaii Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI) law requires employers to provide insurance coverage to partially replace the wages of eligible employees if they become ill or injured off the job. The disability insurance covers the partial wages that have been lost an employee’s illness or injury, but not include medical care.

    For more information about TDI law, visit https://labor.hawaii.gov/dcd/home/about-tdi/ and for more information about the GCA’s TDI program, visit https://www.gcahawaii.org/temporary-disability-insurance-program.

  • GCA Committees & Councils

    GCA Committees play a key role in guiding the construction industry in the Islands. With over 20 committees covering a wide range of topics, you and your staff can engage and connect with other peers and have a positive influence on our industry.

    Some example committees include:

    • Legislative: There many external factors that can affect the construction industry, and this requires our Legislative Committee to be constantly vigilant and alert. Our ability to operate effectively and efficiently hinge upon laws, codes, regulations, court decisions and public policies that are formulated with input from the perspectives of our members. Our Legislative Committee focuses on issues that affect our industry at the state and county levels to ensure our members perspectives are fairly represented in these important arenas.
    • Safety: The Safety Committee focuses on providing safety and health training for members and oversees all other issues that affect safety for the construction industry. The Safety Committee is also responsible for planning and implementing our annual Safety Awards program to honor GCA members with outstanding OSHA safety records.
    • Environment: The Environment Committee focuses on preserving Hawaii’s natural beauty by promoting sound construction practices. The committee consists of GCA members and representatives of the Hawaii Department of Health, City & County of Honolulu Public Works, and State Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism (DBEDT) – Energy Division.
    • Construction Leadership Council: The Construction Leadership Council cultivates and prepares the next generation of construction industry leaders. The committee, which consists of up-and-coming professional members, focuses on workforce development by providing opportunities to gain leadership skills and expand their professional network.

    For a full list of committees: https://www.gcahawaii.org/committees

  • Access to GCA events such as the Build Hawaii and Safety Awards

    The GCA of Hawaii holds two annual award events, the Build Hawaii and Safety Awards. Members are eligible to be nominated and win these prestigious awards, which recognize your commitment to excellence and to operating safely.  

    • Build Hawaii Awards: This annual awards program is our opportunity to showcase Hawaii’s most complex and impressive projects constructed by GCA members that utilize state-of-the-art innovation and techniques. More info: https://www.gcahawaii.org/buildhawaiiawards
    • Safety Awards: This program recognizes GCA members that meet Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) standards for safety in the industry. More info: https://www.gcahawaii.org/safetyawards

  • Membership in AGC of America

    As a member of the GCA of Hawaii, your company will gain membership in the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC). The AGC is an organization of qualified construction contractors and industry-related companies. Operating in partnership with its chapters across the nation, the Association provides a full range of services to meet the needs and concerns of its members. More info on the AGC of America: https://www.agc.org/

  • Member Discounts

    GCA members have access to discounts and benefits from a wide variety of vendors. One member reported that the savings they receive by participating in our Verizon program pays for their annual dues, and then some! To name a few discounts available:

  • Networking with GCA of Hawaii Members

    With over 500 members, the GCA of Hawaii is the association that offers you opportunities to actively engage with other companies in the industry. Make that connection with a sub-contractor or materials company or be contacted by another member company.

    Visit the GCA website for our member directory: https://www.gcahawaii.org/list/

  • And More!

    For questions, please contact Gladys Hagemann at gladys@gcahawaii.org or 808-833-1681, ext 12.