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  • GCA Committees
  • Committees & Councils

    Our committees are always looking at expanding its membership! If you are a GCA member and interested in serving on one or more of the committees below please contact Gladys Hagemann at gladys@gcahawaii.org. If you would like to join the GCA of Hawaii, apply now here.



    The purpose of the AIA-GCA-ACECH Committee is to create a better understanding of each other’s roles and concerns, to identify recurring conflicts between Architects and contractors during the project, and to offer resolutions to the identified conflicts.

    Board of Water Supply (BWS)

    The Committee will be working on establishing an open line of communication between GCA and the Board of Water Supply. The Committee will focus on procurement and construction issues that affect our industry.

    Build Hawaii

    The Build Hawaii Committee organizes the annual Build Hawaii awards program, encourages entrant and sponsor participation, and produces the event.

    City & County GCA

    The C & C Committee provides a forum for the Contractors and the City to present concerns, exchange ideas, conduct discussions, and resolve problems.

    Construction Education

    The purpose of the GCA Construction Education Committee is to: Provide educational opportunities for members and non-members in the construction industry; Monitor the development of Construction Project Management Program at the University of Hawaii; Implement AGC educational programs

    Construction Leadership Council (CLC)

    The purpose of the Construction Leadership Council is to serve as a resource for the next generation of GCA of Hawaii members. The CLC is to act as a conduit for the upcoming leaders to network, to exchange ideas about work and the industry, and to further develop leadership and profession of the industry.

    Corps of Engineers

    To improve communications and interaction with the Corps of Engineers (COE) to discuss and resolve construction and procurement issues.

    Department of  Accounting and General Services (DAGS)

    Promote excellent relations between DAGS and GCA. Create a collegial environment and forum where DAGS officials and GCA members can discuss matters of interest in a collaborative and informal non adversarial atmosphere.

    GCA Education Foundation

    The Education Foundation consists of members from a cross section of the GCA membership and other industry leaders. This Foundation works with the University of Hawaii Engineering Department to fund an instructor position to teach construction management courses.


    Education of members “Hawaii self-sustaining now & the future” concept. Maintain open communication between GCA and the government environmental agencies. Inform GCA members of: Current environmental protection regulations that my impact the construction industry, Best management practices (BMP) that minimize pollution to the maximum extent practical (MEP).Resolve environmental concerns affecting the construction industry.


    Association Policy: Must be a General Contractors member who owns or manages their Company, who have the authority or are otherwise in a position to make independent and autonomous judgments and decisions without the need to check with higher authority (VP Finance, Controller).

    Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO)

    The Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) Committee provides a forum for GCA of Hawaii members and HECO to review general procedural concerns, exchange ideas, share information on initiatives/projects, and conduct process improvement discussions.

    Human Resources

    The purpose of the GCA Human Resources Committee is to serve as a resource for the GCA of Hawaii members on employment and human resources related issues affecting the construction industry.


    The Legislative Committee shall review and make recommendations pertaining to laws, ordinances, acts, and codes which affect the Construction Industry. It shall also take steps to initiate and promote desirable legislation and defeat harmful legislation. Increase membership participation at the legislature. Update priorities and action plans to support the GCA’s Strategic Plan. Coordinate our efforts with other legislative organizations on common issues and approach the legislature as a unified group.


    To strengthen communication, have interaction and promote opportunities of liaison on items of mutual interest that benefit the Navy and the GCA membership.


    To provide an open forum where Safety and Health Professionals, associated with the GCA Hawaii, can obtain valuable information and resources necessary to meet their Company’s Safety Goals; thereby increasing profitability and quality of life of its stakeholders. The committee provides assistance in areas of; employee safety and health training, safety professional development, i.e., National Certifications, regulatory updates, equipment and technological advancements, and best management practices associated with safety in construction.

    State Department of Transportation (DOT) - GCA

    The DOT-GCA Committee facilitates the development of cooperative relationships, the sharing of information and the resolution of problems by providing an open forum and established network for communication. Includes Airports, Harbors, and Highways Divisions. If deemed necessary or otherwise desirable, discussion of specific problem areas involving any one Division will be handled through subcommittees.

    Strategic Planning

    The Strategic Planning Committee consists of GCA Officers and select members of the Board of Directors. This Committee focuses on updating and reviewing the GCA strategic plan annually.

    Subcontractors Council

    LIMITED TO SPECIALTY CONTRACTOR MEMBERS. To assist GCA by representing specialty contractor members, influencing policy that affects specialty contractors and promoting ethical practice in bidding, contracting and construction coordination.

    University of Hawaii

    To improve communications and interaction with the University of Hawaii to discuss and resolve construction and procurement issues.