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Hawaii State Capitol


General Contractors Association of Hawaii has a long history of promoting and defending the rights of its members and our industry against unfair and unwarranted legislation and regulation. One of the Association’s most valuable resources in this effort is the nonpartisan General Contractors Association of Hawaii Political Action Committee (GCA PAC), established in 2015.

As supporters of the construction industry, our PAC represents one way to make our voices heard in the political arena.

The purpose of GCA PAC is to support candidates for elective office who share our pro-business views and understand our business concerns. General Contractors Association of Hawaii supports the operation of GCA PAC as authorized by, and in accordance with, state law.

GCA PAC educates and encourages political involvement.

GCA PAC use the following guidelines when selecting candidates:

  • Chapter and member input;
  • Current and lifetime voting record on GCA issues;
  • Understanding or connection to the construction industry;
  • Candidate questionnaire and interview (if a first-time candidate);
  • How a candidate fits into the association’s legislative strategy; and
  • Variable campaign factors that determine the viability of a candidate such as

demographic profile of the district, fundraising ability, polling data and previous election results.


GCA PAC is a voluntary political action committee (PAC) formed to financially support the election of qualified state and local candidates for public office who best represent the business interests of General Contractors Association of Hawaii.


GCA PAC is governed by a Board of Directors who supervises and directs the PAC’s financial and administrative affairs, including the identification of political candidates the PAC will support.

The Board’s final approval requires a 60% majority vote. Votes may be called during physical and electronic meetings of the Board. The presence of 50% members of the Board constitutes a quorum.


The Board is comprised of the Officers of the Board to include the Chairman, Treasurer and three Directors. All Board members will serve on and represent the PAC as individuals and not on behalf of a company or organization.  During their term on the GCA PAC Board, Board Officers may not serve as officers of any other candidate committee or noncandidate committee that supports or opposes any candidates also supported or opposed by the GCA PAC.  During their term on the GCA PAC Board, Board Officers and Directors may not be sole proprietors with state or local government contracts.


The Chairman serves as GCA PAC‘s Chief Executive Officer who calls and presides at PAC Board

meetings. The Chairman has the power to interpret and apply the Guidelines and to determine all functions, rights, and obligations of the PAC, the PAC Board of Directors and the Officers under the Guidelines. The GCA Immediate Past President shall serve as the GCA PAC Chairman.  The Chairman, along with the Treasurer, certifies all reports filed with the Campaign Spending Commission.

The Treasurer serves as the GCA PAC’s Chief Financial Officer, monitors contributions and expenditures, keeps and monitors financial and other records, supervises the establishment of proper accounting procedures, and complies with all applicable reporting requirements required by law with respect to his or her duties. The Treasurer also prepares, signs, files and maintains copies of all reports required by applicable law and by the GCA PAC. Only the Treasurer is officially authorized to receive contributions or make or incur expenditures on behalf of the GCA PAC.  The GCA Treasurer shall serve as the GCA PAC Treasurer.


The GCA Board of Directors shall appoint three PAC Directors who shall be the current Legislative

Committee Chair, Vice Chair and Mentor with a term of office not to exceed four years.