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2024 – 2026 GCA Strategic Plan

With a solid strategic plan serving as a guide, the GCA made significant progress in moving the industry forward and establishing the GCA as Hawaii’s leading authority and trusted resource on the construction industry.

2021 - 2023 Strategic Plan Accomplishments

The 2021-2023 strategic plan focused on five key areas: engage, advocate, elevate, promote and excel. Multiple initiatives were accomplished in each of these areas.

  • Engage: Expand Membership Engagement
    • Explored and adopted current communication tools, including new social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
    • Developed a member engagement plan that focused on outreach to younger members, including the re-establishment of the Construction Leadership Council
    • Formalized a new member onboarding program
    • Increased committee enrollment and introduced guest speakers for committee meetings
  • Advocate: Enhance Our Advocacy Program
    • Improved effectiveness at advocating for and against legislative proposals
    • Successfully appointed members Rick Heltzel and Lance Inouye to two out of the three public seats on the Procurement Policy Board
    • 96% of the GCA’s endorsed candidates were successful in state and county elections
  • Elevate: Develop the Current and Future Workforce
    • Created a new Workforce Development Committee, with members dedicated to reaching out to high school and college students to share information about careers in construction
    • Renamed the Construction Education Committee to the Programs & Training Committee, which increased the number and type of training options available to members
    • Held the interactive BreakingGround 808 program at Waipahu High School, with over 40 student participants from Kapolei, Pearl City, and Waipahu high schools
  • Promote: Raise GCA’s Profile Beyond the Industry
    • Hired a marketing and communications director to be a part of the GCA management team
    • Refreshed the GCA brand, including a new logo, to reflect a more vibrant, modern organization
    • Launched a marketing and communications plan to establish the GCA as a thought leader on the construction industry
  • Excel: Ensure Organizational Excellence
    • Improved internal operations, in accordance with best practices for association management
    • Assessed GCA’s financial outlook and raised dues accordingly to ensure financial sustainability

The New 2024 - 2026 Strategic Plan

With the bar raised to a new level, the board of directors developed a new, ambitious three-year strategic plan, which builds on those accomplishments for continuous improvement for 2024 to 2026.

The new strategic plan focuses on the following areas:

  • Ensure strong leadership on the GCA board, now and into the future
    • Place more emphasis on mentorship, and create more opportunities for experienced members to transfer their knowledge to newer leaders, in order to build a pipeline of future committee leaders and board members
  • Ensure financial sustainability
    • Continue monitoring GCA’s financial outlook and make further adjustments to the dues structure and policies
    • Identify opportunities to increase non-dues revenue
  • Improve member benefits
    • Explore various potential programs to address industry needs while improving member benefits
  • Increase member engagement
    • Create more opportunities for members to connect with one another and with GCA leadership and staff
    • Increase touch points with members
  • Be proactive about industry’s role in environment, sustainability and resiliency issues
    • Collaborate with the appropriate agencies and organizations to develop climate policies that doesn’t penalize the industry
    • Develop a template of actions to help GCA members minimize their carbon footprint

Watch for more details as we take steps to implement this new strategic plan.