• Subcontractor Council
  • Subcontractors Council

  • Article date: November 2021
    Interested in joining this Council? Contact Gladys Hagemann at gladys@gcahawaii.org.

  • Every major construction project in Hawaii requires teamwork between general contractors and subcontractors. They have to work hand-in-hand, from the bidding process until the day the project is successfully completed.

    Charlie Stack, Vice President of FIRST ONSITE and Chair of the GCA’s Subcontractors Council, and Jackson Cheng, Senior Estimator and Project Manager of HSI Mechanical, Inc., who serves as Vice-Chair of the Subcontractors Council, are working to strengthen collaborative partnerships between general contractors and subcontractors and specialty trade contractors.

    “Typically, 70% of a project’s bid costs are for services provided by subcontractors,” Stack said, underscoring how essential subcontractors are for every major project.


    Services of Subcontractors
    Stack pointed out that many general contractors may not know the full range of services of a subcontractor and specialty trade contractor. He said the names of the subcontractor companies may not reflect their full capabilities and this may limit their business opportunities. For example, some general contractors may know that his company, FIRST ONSITE, provides water excavation work, but not be aware of the other services his company can offer. The Council is looking into solutions to address this, including adding more details about a subcontractor’s licenses or qualifications on the GCA online member directory.

    Creating More Networking Opportunities
    He noted that dialogue between general contractors and subcontractors is key to establishing business relationships with each other, and would like to restore speed networking opportunities that were held prior to the pandemic.

    Influencing Policies
    Cheng, whose company serves as both a prime general contractor for smaller-scale projects as well as a subcontractor for plumbing, HVAC and sheet metal, has a bold, long-term vision for the Subcontractors Council. He would like to see a stronger emphasis on the committee’s mission: “to assist GCA by representing specialty contractor members, influencing policy that affects specialty contractors and promoting ethical practice in bidding, contracting and construction coordination.”

    Working Together As One Industry
    Cheng would like to see more policies and laws that are beneficial to all sectors of the construction industry. He believes this can begins with more interaction between the Subcontractors Council and the other GCA committees, especially the Legislative Committee.

    “I would like to see us work together to promote legislation that benefits the entire construction industry — both general contractors and subcontractors because we are all in this together,” Cheng said.

  • Interested in joining this Council? Contact Gladys Hagemann at gladys@gcahawaii.org.