• State D.O.T - GCA Committee

  • Committee Members Committee Members


    Simmons, Marc - Kiewit Infrastructure West Co.




    Shin, Robert - Hawaii State DOT - Highways


    Nii, Raymond - Grace Pacific LLC


    Akimseu, Greg - Hawaiian Cement

    Asato, Clay - Koga Engineering & Construction

    Bustard, John - King & Neel, Inc.

    Campbell, Scott - Nordic PCL Construction

    Ceria, Milissa - Kiewit Infrastructure West Co.

    Ching, Colin - Hawaiian Dredging Constr.

    Ching, Randall - Highway Construction Co., Ltd.

    Chung, Clifton - Harry Asato Painting

    Di Nola, Gennaro - Watts Constructors

    Elento, Wendell - Integrated Security Technologies Inc.

    Folks, Timothy - Hawaiian Cement

    Fujiokawa, Alvin - Koga Engineering

    Ganiko, Kurt - Hawaiian Dredging Construction

    Goodfellow, Chad - Goodfellow Bros.

    Hemingway, Ke - Kiewit Infrastructure West Co.

    Ho, Dwight - Jas. W. Glover, Ltd.

    Hursty, Marnie - Mega Construction

    Inouye, Michael - Ralph S. Inouye Co., Ltd.

    Kumasaki, Eugene - Hawaiian Dredging Construction

    Lee, Bennet - Choice Fence

    Levins, Maile - B & C Trucking Co., Ltd.

    Luiz, Douglas II - Diversified Plumbing

    Moritomo, Teri - Hawaiian Dredging Const.

    Moore, Fred - HSI Mechanical, Inc.

    Nepomuceno, Rex - Safety Systems and Signs Hawaii, Inc.

    Ota, Cedric - Hawaiian Dredging Const.

    Pedro, Robert - Apply-A-Line Inc.

    Ridela, Joy - Hawaiian Cement

    Romanowski, John   Jas W. Glover, Ltd.

    Sabatini, Robert - Choice Fence

    Snow, Andrew - Watts Constructors

    Sofos, Tom - John H. Connors Insurance

    Soto, Michael - Raising the Standard

    Spraberry, Kyle - Hensel Phelps Construction Co.

    Tseu, Jon - Hensel Phelps Construction Co.

    Zubrod, Lee  - Michels Corporation


    Abe, Casey - Hawaii State, DOT-Highways,

    Domingo, Rey - HDOT, Office of Civil Rights

    Fukuhara, Don - Hawaii State DOT, DBE

    Kawamura, Blaine - HDOT, Highways Div. Const.

    Martin, Melanie - Hawaii State DOT, DBE

  • Committee Purpose Statement and Specific Goals for 2019 Committee Purpose Statement and Specific Goals for 2019

    Committee Purpose Statement

    The DOT-GCA Committee facilitates the development of cooperative relationships, the sharing of information and the resolution of problems by providing an open forum and established network for communication.

    Specific Goals for 2019

    1. Facilitate Project Closeout and Project Payment between contractors and the State DOT.
    2. Continued emphasis on Partnering on all matters between the State and the Contractors to facilitate increased efficiencies and mutual benefits.
    3. Increase the frequency of providing lists of the projects pending release for bid.  Emphasis on allowing Contractors to plan estimating workload
    4. Increase Contractor input earlier in project development. Coordinated effort by both parties to bring this about.
    5. Coordinate with HDOT to compile a list of Qualified Products to streamline process of submittals of standard products.
    6. Compile a list of issues encountered by GCs when closing out projects.
    7. Support initiative to expedite approval process of 401 and 404.
    8. Support the State Transportation Innovation Council network program.
  • Schedule of Meetings for 2019 Schedule of Meetings for 2019

    The Committee meets bi-monthly on the second Wednesday at 10:00 a.m., unless noted.

    February 13

    April 11  - 10:00 a.m.

    May 8

    July 10

    September 11

    November 13

    All scheduled meetings to be held at the General Contractors Association in the Conference Room 2(1st Floor). A meeting notice/agenda will be sent to all members prior to the meeting date.


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