• Safety Committee

  • Committee Members Committee Members


    Vidad, Edward - Hawaiian Dredging Construction Co.


    Cotton, Adam - Hensel Phelps Construction Co.


    Uyematsu, Greg - Kiewit Infrastructure West Co.


    Aber, Carolyn - Road Safety Services and Design LLC

    Aboal, Halima - Safety Systems and Signs Hawaii, Inc.

    Akai, Tracie - Acutron LLC (Part of Unitek)

    Albinio, Joe - King & Neel, Inc.

    Aldeguer, Tristan - Hawaiian Dredging Construction

    Aona, Sean - Alan Shintani, Inc.

    Baginski, Steve - Kaikor Construction Co.

    Bargos, John - Quality General

    Best, Maegan - McClone Construction

    Brown, Charles - GP Roadway Solutions

    Brown, Stanford - Raising The Standard Consulting Inc.

    Browne, Mary - Nordic PCL Construction, Inc.

    Camerino, Alex - Heide & Cook

    Cary, Laury - Hawaiian Dredging Construction

    Ching, David - Atlas Insurance Agency

    Chong, Brandon - Tomco Corporation

    Chun-Ming, Holly - HSIMechanical

    Clark, Johnnie - Hawaiian Dredging Construction

    Daly, Jason - Robert Bosch Tool Corporation

    Dela Cruz, Jean - Trane Pacific Service

    Diaz, Joaquin - Hawaiian Dredging Construction

    Fukuda, Ryan - Airgas

    Galariada, Joey - McClone Construction

    Garcia, Kelli - I & L Rentals

    Garza, Joey - Nordic PCL Construction, Inc.

    Gillis, Gordon - Dorvin D. Leis Co., Inc.

    Grosso, Nicholas - Hensel Phelps Construction Co.

    Guerrero, Ricky - Alaka`i Mechanical Corporation

    Guillermo, Alvin - Safety Systems and Signs Hawaii, Inc.

    Hall, Mark - Quality General

    Hendricks, Howard - Jas. W. Glover Ltd.

    Herold, Randy - ENPRO Environmental

    Hill, Zonia - Nan, Inc.

    Hiu, Michael - Rosendin Electric

    Ho, Byron - Nan, Inc.

    Ho, Robin - Alan Shintani, Inc.

    Honman, Karen - Alaka’i Mechanical Corporation

    Ichimura, Ian - Pural Water Specialty Co.

    Iwamasa, Jason - HEMIC

    Jacobs, Thomas - Dorvin D. Leis Co., Inc.

    Joseph, Steve - PVT Land Company

    Kalani, Steve - Commercial Roofing & Waterproofing

    Kaneshiro, Guy - Rons Construction

    Kawada, Diane - Alakai Mechanical

    Kenui, Kapua  - PVT Land Company

    Kent, Aaron - Jayar Construction

    Kenui, Kapua - PVT Land Company

    Kinney, Emmett - Healy Tibbitts Builders

    Kiyokane, Darlean - BF Tile

    Knopp, Darren - Grace Pacific LLC

    Koga, Kristi - Koga Engineering

    Kutzen, Kristen - Grace Pacific LLC

    Kwan, Helen - Alakai Mechanical

    Landry, Peter - Allied Builders System

    Lee, Chae - Airgas

    Leibelt, Darin - Northwest Demolition

    Lentes, Richard - Hawthorne Pacific Corp.

    Lindsay, Kenneth - First Insurance Company of HI

    Lutz, Nathan - Nordic PCL Construction

    Lyons, Sean - Jas. W. Glover Ltd.

    Macdonald, Andrew - GP Roadway Solutions

    Machado, Maleeyah - Pural Water Specialty Co., Inc.

    Massaro, Christa - Unlimited Construction Services Inc

    Matsumiya, Darryle - Swinerton Builders

    Matthews, Tim - Risk Solution Partners

    Miyamoto, Mardi - Hawaiian Dredging Construction

    Moore, Caleb - Hensel Phelps Construction        

    Moreland, Chris - Lawson & Associates

    Murphy, Josh - Hensel Phelps

    Nakata, Gerald - First Insurance Company of Hawaii, Ltd.

    Nash, Gerry - Hawaiian Dredging Construction

    Nepomuceno, Rex - Safety Systems and Signs Hawaii, Inc.

    Newberry, James - Island Insurance Co.

    Nishida, Melvin - Albert C. Kobayashi, Inc.

    Ogomori, Wayne - South Pacific Steel Corp.

    Oshiro, Kevin - Rons Construction Corporation  

    Ota, Travis - Atlas Insurance Agency

    Peel, Lucas - Northwest Demolition

    Raney, Shawn - EPC Service, Inc.

    Rilveria, Daron - Harris Rebar South Pacific Inc.

    Ruiz, Isaac - Performance Systems Inc.

    Sato, Sharlyn - Airgas

    Shaffer, Dana - Road Safety Services Design LLC

    Shigeta, Andy - Zelinsky

    Shimizu, Cheryl - Master Sheet Metal

    Shintani, Alan - Alan Shintani, Inc.

    Sonoda, Kenan - Swinerton Builders

    Soto, Michael - Raising the Standard

    Tampon, Lyn - Raising The Standard Consulting Inc.

    Tanaka, Sean - Watts Constructors

    Tau’a, Troy - Layton Construction Company, LLC

    Tom, Brandon - Airgas

    Ung, Mel

    Phyllis Wada - Quality General

    Uyeda, Jill - Hawaiian Dredging Construction

    Valenti, Frank - Atlas Insurance Agency

    Van Woerkom, Mike - Environet, Inc.

    Washburn, Molly - Airgas

    Watts, Rick - Kaikor Construction Co., Inc.

    Wells, Jeff - Performance Systems Inc.

    Weller, Todd - Hawaiian Dredging Construction

    Whitworth, Alan - Safety Systems and Signs Hawaii, Inc.

    Winner, Steve - Lend Lease (US) Public Partnership LLC

    Yamamoto, Ben - PVT Land Company, Ltd.

    Yamauchi, Dana - Safety Systems and Signs Hawaii, Inc.

    Yorita, Pamela - Airgas

    Zane, Jimmy - McCabe Hamilton & Renny Co., Ltd.


    Kaui, Daniel - Navy Training Support Center

    Chew, Clifford - Federal Highway Administration

  • Committee Purpose Statement and Specific Goals for 2019 Committee Purpose Statement and Specific Goals for 2019

    Committee Purpose Statement

    To provide an open forum where Safety and Health Professionals, associated with the GCA Hawaii, can obtain valuable information and resources necessary to meet their Company’s Safety Goals; thereby increasing profitability and quality of life of its stakeholders.  The committee provides assistance in areas of; employee safety and health training, safety professional development, i.e., National Certifications, regulatory updates, equipment and technological advancements, and best management practices associated with safety in construction.

    Specific Goals for 2019

    1. Increase committee participants by 5.
    2. Represent GCA Hawaii at all four HIOSH Advisory Committee meetings.
    3. Develop and conduct training classes to include the following:
      1. OSHA 30 hour; one class a quarter
      2. AGC Construction Safety Management; and
      3. STS Class
      4. 2 Subcontractor Safety Requirement
      5. Other Classes as requested
    4. Continue to work with HIOSH to revitalize the SHARP program.
    5. Support the Pacific Rim Safety Conference held bi-annually.
    6. Schedule professional development trainings to assist members in maintaining their certification.
  • Schedule of Meetings for 2019 Schedule of Meetings for 2019

    The Committee meets monthly on the fourth Wednesdays at 8:30 a.m. unless noted.

    January 23

    February 27

    March 27

    April 24

    May 22

    June 26

    July 24

    August 28

    September 25

    October 23

    November 20

    All scheduled meetings to be held at the GCA Conference Room 2(1st Floor).  A meeting notice/agenda will be sent to all members prior to the meeting date.


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