• Navy Committee

  • Committee Members Committee Members


    Moritomo, Teri - Hawaiian Dredging Construction


    DeMuesy, Bradley - Hensel Phelps Construction


    Tanaka, Dennis - Supervisory Constr. Engineer


    Kinney, Emmett - Healy Tibbitts Builders


    Balko, John - Kiewit Bldg. Group

    Barton, Jimmy - Alan Shintani, Inc.

    Boyd, Andy - GPRM Prestress

    Burkards, George - Nordic PCL Construction

    Ceria, Milissa - Kiewit Infrastructure Group

    Chung, Clifton - Harry Asato Painting

    Di Nola, Gennaro - Watts Constructors

    Diaz, Joaquin - Hawaiian Dredging Construction

    Elento, Wendell - Integrated Security Technologies

    Folks, Timothy - Hawaiian Cement

    Giblin, Dieter - Integrated Security Technology

    Heltzel, Rick - Healy Tibbitts Builders

    Hemingway, Ke - Kiewit Infrastructure West Co.

    Ho, Dwight - Jas W. Glover, Ltd.

    Hursty, Marnie - Mega Construction

    Ichimura, Garrett - Koga Engineering

    Kempers, Les - GPRM Prestress

    Kurita, James - Lyz, Inc.

    Lange, Ian – ECC

    Loo, Matthew - Hawaiian Dredging Const.

    Luiz, Douglas II - Diversified Plumbing

    Masumoto, Dan - Healy Tibbitts Builders

    McCabe, Thomas - Environet, Inc.

    Miyakawa, Josephine - DHL Global Forwarding

    Morioka, Roy - Hawaiian Dredging Construction Co

    Nii, Raymond – RP Roadway Solutions

    Okimoto, Frank - NAN, Inc.

    Payne, Zachary - Environet, Inc.

    Reeves, Sarah - Integrated Security

    Richards, Chip - Solid State Lighting Hawaii

    Ridela, Joy - Hawaiian Cement

    Shintani, Alan - Alan Shintani

    Snow, Andrew - Watts Constructors

    Sofos, Tom - Tom Sofos

    Soto, Michael - Raising the Standard

    Thompson, Jeff - Ledcor Construction Hawaii

    Tiritas, Curtis - Nordic PCL Construction

    Ulmann, Dani - Island Insurance Company, Ltd.

    Venezia, Mike - Hensel Phelps Construction Co.

    Ward, Ryan - Alexander Pacific, Inc.

    Wong, Emery - Hawaii Modular Space

    Wong, William - GPRM Prestress

    Wright, Luke - EPC Service, Inc.

    Zimmerman, Andrew - Hawaiian Dredging Construction


    Kuromoto, Cori-Ann  - NAVFAC HI Construction HI

    Wong, Mark - NAVFAC HI Construction HI

  • Committee Purpose Statement and Specific Goals for 2019 Committee Purpose Statement and Specific Goals for 2019

    Committee Purpose Statement

    To strengthen communication, have interaction and promote opportunities of liaison on items of mutual interest that benefit the Navy and the GCA membership.

    Specific Goals for 2019

    1. Communicate the accomplishments of the Committee by making at least 3 posting a year on the GCA website of significant committee accomplishments.
    2. Update the Committee information on the web by June 2019.
    3. Co-sponsor training events that will improve the implementation of Navy Construction initiatives, such as CQM for Contractors and NAVFAC Scheduling Requirements training.
    4. Take on current issues and use the communication of the Committee to seek consistent application of policy guidelines for all NAVFAC Hawaii projects.
    5. Update committee membership roster to delete non-participants while encouraging them to seek out/join other committees of interest to their companies.
    6. GCA leadership to report at committee meetings the current issues and concerns of the AGC of America.
    7. Increase the participation in the committee by increasing membership on the GCA side with 2 new members.
  • Committee Schedule for 2019 Committee Schedule for 2019

    The Committee meets bi-monthly on the third Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. unless noted.

    February 21

    April 18

    June 20

    August 15

    October 17

    All scheduled meetings to be held at the General Contractors Association.  A meeting notice/agenda will be sent to all members prior to the meeting date.


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