• Environment Committee

  • Committee Members Committee Members


    Uyeda, Jill - HDCC


    Szabo, Victor - Healy Tibbitts Builders, Inc.


    Salmonson, Genevieve - Compliance Assistance Office


    Heltzel, Rick - Healy Tibbitts Builders, Inc.


    Akimseu, Greg - Hawaiian Cement

    Aniya, Paul - Koga Engineering

    Browne, Mary - Nordic PCL Construction, Inc.

    Burkards, George - Nordic PCL Construction

    Campbell, Edwina - Kiewit Building Group

    Chun, Darian - Royal Contracting Co., Ltd.

    Diaz, Joaquin - Hawaiian Dredging Construction

    Goldstein, Linda - HC&D, LLC

    Herold, Randy - ENPRO Environmental

    Ichimura, Garrett - Koga Engineering

    Joseph, Steve - PVT Land Company, Ltd.

    Kimura, Jamie - Koga Engineering & Construction

    Lutz, Nathan - Nordic PCL Construction

    Macdonald, Andrew - GP Roadway Solutions

    Nishioka, Todd - Parsons Brinckerhoff, Inc.

    Ogasawara, Troy - Geotech Solutions, Inc.

    Prentice, Jim - Hawaiian Dredging Construction

    Sato, Larissa - WSP USA

    Scruton, Gordon Jr. - Hawaiian Dredging Construction

    Sevadjian, Scott - Grace Pacific LLC

    Shimoda, Randall - Alan Shintani Inc

    Soto, Michael - Raising the Standard

    Sullivan, Mary - Lawson & Associates

    Thomas, Sara - Grace Pacific LLC

    Umbower, Justin - Exacta Sales

    Valenzuela, Albert - Nordic PCL Construction

    Wurlitzer, Dane - Hawaiian Cement

    Young, Kristel - Delta Construction


    Coronel, Ramon - C & C

    Day, Paul - C & C

    Nakagaki, Mark - C & C Storm Water Quality

    Quindica, Ponciana - C & C

    Weatherholtz, Mahina - C & C


    Llorin, Vincent - DOT

    Shin, Robert - Hawaii State, DOT-Hwys, Oahu District

    Takeno, Chris - DOT-Office of Special Compliance

    Teutsch, Ken - Hawaii State, DOT-Hys, Oahu District


    Lum, Darryl - DOH Clean Water Branch

    Suzuki-Jones, Gail - Energy Division – DBEDT

    Hiramoto, Travis - DOH Solid Hazardous Waste

    Wong, Alec - Clean Water Branch

  • Committee Purpose Statement and Specific Goals for 2019 Committee Purpose Statement and Specific Goals for 2019

    Committee Purpose Statement

    Promote excellent relations between DAGS and GCA. Maintain a collegial environment where DAGS officials and GCA members can discuss matters of interest in a collaborative and informal non adversarial atmosphere.                        

    Specific Goals for 2019

    1. Improve Committee members’ attendance.
    2. Monitor DAGS’ Contract Award and Execution process and the timetable for the issuance the Notice to Proceed.
    3. Review upcoming projects and opportunities for contracting with DAGS.
    4. Maintain a forum where members can introduce topics of interest and find a place on the agenda.
    5. Provide suggestions for improvement of General Conditions for Construction.
    6. Continue to monitor Project Labor Agreement developments.
    7. Monitor the State’s eProcurement system.
  • Schedule of Meetings for 2019 Schedule of Meetings for 2019

    The Committee meets monthly on the third Wednesday at 10:00am unless noted.

    January 16

    February 20

    March 20

    April 17

    May 15

    June 19

    July 17

    August 21

    September 18

    October 16

    November 20

    All scheduled meetings to be held at the General Contractors Association in the Conference Room 2(1st Floor).  A meeting notice/agenda will be sent to all members prior to the meeting date.


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