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    Yoneda, Dale - S & M Sakamoto, Inc.




     - DOE


    Yoneda, Dale - S & M Sakamoto, Inc.


    Ancheta, Carolyn - C C Engineering & Construction Inc.

    Asahina, Dean - Universal Construction

    Elento, Wendell - Integrated Security Technologies Inc.

    Cheung, John - C C Engineering & Construction Inc.

    Inouye, Lance - Ralph S. Inouye Co.

    Kama-Silva, Frances - Henry’s Equipment

    Kaneshige, Glen - Nordic PCL

    Kennedy, Paul - Risk Solution Partners

    Kimura, Nathan - T. Iida Contracting, Ltd.

    Kurita, James - Lyz, Inc.

    Luiz, Douglas II - Diversified Plumbing

    Moore, Fred - HSI Mechanical, Inc.

    Nagayama, Takushi - Island Insurance Company, Ltd.

    Pak, Keun - Koga Engineering & Construction, Inc.

    Parker, Mike - Layton Construction

    Patterson, Armand - Integrated Security

    Rabang, Michael - Hawaii Modular Space

    Richards, Chip - Solid State Lighting Hawaii

    Shinohara, Steven - Hart & Shinohara, LLP

    Shintani, Lili - Alan Shintani, Inc.

    Sofos, Tom - John H. Connors Insurance

    Taketa, Ted - Starcom Builders

    O’Brien, Patrick - DOE

  • Committee Purpose Statement and Specific Goals for 2020 Committee Purpose Statement and Specific Goals for 2020

    Committee Purpose Statement

    To improve communications and interaction with the Department of Education to discuss and resolve construction and procurement issues.

    Specific Goals for 2020

    1. Provide assistance and input to facilitate new DOE initiatives and changes affecting GCA/BIA members.
    2. Report quarterly on issues raised from time to time.
    3. Report annually on projects planned to be issued going forward one year or so.        
  • Committee Schedule for 2020 Committee Schedule for 2020

    The Committee meets quarterly on the first Wednesday at 7:00 a.m., unless noted.


    All scheduled meetings to be held at the General Contractors Association in the Conference Room 2(1st Floor). A meeting notice/agenda will be sent to all members prior to the meeting date.