• City & County GCA Committee

  • Committee Members Committee Members


    Pak, Keun, Koga Engineering & Construction




    Yonamine, Mark, DDC, Director


    Yoneda, Dale, S & M Sakamoto


    Akimseu, Greg, Hawaiian Cement

    Ames, Jason, Grace Pacific Corporation

    Baginski, Steve, Kaikor Construction Co.

    Ceria, Milissa, Kiewit Infrastructure West Co.

    Ching, Randall, Highway Construction Co., Ltd.

    Chung, Clifton, Harry Asato Painting

    Corpuz, Jonathan, Koga Engineering & Construction

    Cueva, Dom Joavanni, Kaikor Construction Co. Inc.

    Elento, Wendell, Integrated Security Technologies

    Folk, Matthew, Michels Pipe Services

    Folks, Tim, Hawaiian Cement

    Hemingway, Ke, Kiewit Infrastructure West Co.

    Ho, Dwight, Jas. W. Glover, Ltd.

    Hursty, Marnie, Mega Construction

    Inouye, Lance, Ralph S. Inouye Co.

    Kama-Silva, Frances, Henry’s Equipment

    Luiz, Douglas II, Diversified Plumbing

    Nii, Raymond, GP Roadway Solutions             

    Meyen, John, Hensel Phelps Construction

    Pak, Keun, Koga Engineering & Constr

    Pedro, Robert, Apply-A-Line Inc.

    Rasmussen, Kory, Integrated Security Technologies

    Reeves, Sarah, Integrated Security

    Richards, Chip, Solid State Lighting Hawaii

    Shimabuku, David, Ralph S. Inouye Co., Ltd.

    Shiraki, Gavin, Hawaiian Cement

    Sofos, Tom, Tom Sofos Insurance

    Taketa, Theodore, Starcom Builders, Inc.

    Waite, Tim, Strong Tie

    Webster, Travis, Jayar Construction, Inc.

    Wong, Emery, Hawaii Modular Space

    City & County Representatives

    Katsura, Stanley, DDC - Civil Division

    Lau, Clifford, DDC - Facilities Division

    Lee, Allyn, DDC – MED

    Trang, Timothy, DDC - Civil Division

    Yamane, Jon, ENV – Wastewater Engineering and Construction

    Yuen, Michael, DDC - Civil Division

  • Committee Purpose Statement and Specific Goals for 2020 Committee Purpose Statement and Specific Goals for 2020


    The C & C Committee provides a forum for the Contractors and the City to present concerns, exchange ideas, conduct discussions, and resolve problems.

    1. Improve attendance and participation for all members
    2. Quarterly distribution of City’s projects to bid.
    3. Monitor the Legislative Committee’s progress with State PPB on Differing Site Conditions.
    4. Monitor the City’s Contractor Performance Evaluation process.
    5. Improve processing of final billings within City BFS.
    6. Improve pre-bid design clarification/substitution process with City BFS.
    7. Address Project Delays.
    8. Finalize City’s Parks & Recreation’s Chain Link Fence Specifications. 
    1. Substitution process and/or approved substitution.
  • Committee Meeting Schedule 2019 Committee Meeting Schedule 2019

    The Committee meets bi-monthly on the first Wednesday at 10:30, unless noted.

    Wednesday    February     05 ......................    10:30 a.m.                        

                            April            01  .....................         “                          

                            June            03  .....................         “                          

                            August        05 ......................         “                          

                           October          07                    “         

    All scheduled meetings to be held at the Frank F. Fasi Municipal Building, 11th Floor or via teleconference.    A meeting notice/agenda will be sent to all members prior to the meeting date.